Object – Actions – Works

ENIDANI – Actively involved for more than 30 years

ENIDANI’s first and foremost object according to its statute, which it strives to serve and has so far succeeded in serving consistently and effectively, is to:

— represent owners of all types of real estate property in Greece before local and national authorities (through POMIDA, of which it has been a member since its founding)

— defend owners from restrictions in the management of their property and the imposition of excessive burdens

— continuously inform the owners about their rights and obligations.

ENIDANI has already entered its fourth decade of life, more ready than ever to continue defending real estate property as the fruit of labour and savings and to demand better treatment for its owners, both in terms of legislation and taxes. It desires property owners to be informed and knowledgeable about the issues that affect them at local level too. To this end, it has set up its own website.